Sunday, 27 January 2013

Small Blog on Bedroom Tax Wider impacts

APART from the personal issues people directly face: My other worry is that the bedroom tax, universal credit, and housing benefit cuts will strangle the accepted circular nature of funding for HA's. 30 yr mortgages, repayments, balance into maintenance and services. All From Rental Income and service charges. Then - Income strangulation, and rise in arrears, debts, court actions, will remove vital circular flow money for services for all stock, not just those in arrears or affected by the changes through draconian welfare changes. Theres a universal impact across all tenants which H.A.s are shit scared of RIGHT now, with all sorts of disaster worst case scenarios written almost daily.
The fear is that Value For Money exercises, which are admirable, desirable and essential will not breach the financial impact of changes. Services could suffer drastically.
This is 2013 UK Toryland. And its disgusting.


Heres a blog piece I read with numbers and calculations of some of the impacts , someone sent it to me after reading the above synopsis. 

Bedroom Tax Could add Billions to Welfare bill

Without ignoring personal impact, heres one highlighted by the Daily Mirror

Family's outrage at bedroom tax on severely disabled girl who needs her own room

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