Saturday, 19 January 2013

What I currently Use for Twitter Clients/apps

People asked and do ask often to me about twitter apps for phones and lappys.

So I'll briefly note what I use...

I have android touchscreen phone and almost exclusively use HOOTSUITE on that. I find the notifications lights at bottom easy to follow so I know what column a message is in.

It shows one column at a time, and you side swipe to get to other columns. Or you press back button and select from menu to jump.
If you use HOOTSUITE on the computer/lappy its rather a heavy beast and for some quite complicated. The phone app is good though.

On the lappy, Tweetdeck is very useful, but I set it to 125% zoom .
I also have twitlonger tab open in the browser for those longer tweets with tweetdeck restrictive on longer tweets. .
Tweetdeck is a memory hog though.

I DO use An awful lol on the lappy because its light, and functional too, I really quite like that one. It stays stable most of the time too. This one you can set to do similar to twitlonger, or set multiple tweets as default. It numbers the parts of a longer tweet. You only get one column but the header is easy to click and switch.

There are many more... but i find these the easiest.

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