Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nice Piece By Steve Howard

I Found this piece from Steve Howard 

"The Economic Woes Of Osborne "

With figures to be released in the next 48 hrs which will once again show that the UK economy shrank YET again in the last quarter by 0.1% - 0.3%,the madness which seems to have over taken the whole of the Tory party and the Lib-Dems, will as expected go into damage limitation mode.
David Cameron will tell the UK that the economy is healing and that we are on the right track !! 
There is more chance that Iain Duncan Smith can bring back to life all the poor lost souls that he has consigned to an early grave than David Cameron ever telling the truth about the economic disaster that he has helped inflict on his own country,most of all by employing George Osborne to balance the books.
One lone Tory backbencher spoke the truth when gave an interview to the Sunday Times stating that Osborne was both lazy and useless. 
In just three weeks we have seen the demise of HMV-Jessops-Blockbuster and the normally sometimes sensible and sometimes even caring Vince Cable, gave a very telling interview that shows just how far the Lib-Dems have sunk since they got in to the flea ridden bed of the Tories,he said ''The coalition can hardly be blamed for competition in the high street'',that he said ''is just life i am afraid.''
That may in someways be true,but not once did he mention any sorrow for all those people who were now damned to join the dreaded scroungers of this country , the scroungers who have been left to rot by his coalition, no words of help or regret only words of denial. 
So a new week and new misery, Honda,Rolls royse and the army all shedding their work force.
At least we need not worry about new wars as we would now have trouble retaking Milton Keynes if it was ever to be invaded.
However unlike the high street shops being boarded up, the blame for these job losses can be firmly put at Vince Cable and the coalitions door.
Yesterday there was a cabinet meeting that the hapless George Osborne chaired about the economy.
Now you would think after two and a half years of utter disaster, that George may be having a rethink ! but you would be wrong, dead wrong.
The truth is, that there now is no going back,politically for George and the coalition it would be suicide to now admit they got it wrong and do anything that even resembled a u-turn.
The chilling truth is that George has asked all his departments to draw up plans for even more deeper cuts and public sector job losses for 2015-2016
These will be implemented before the next election,which by then should be the final act of spite from one,if not the worst chancellor this country has ever had the misfortune to be lumbered with and anybody who says that Gordon Brown was a worse chancellor than this plank,has quite frankly,the brain of a pickled onion.
Just as Thatcher laid waste to whole communities and left complete cities to crumble ( apart from Central London ) once again we see history repeating its self with David Cameron,who in one recent poll was voted the most disliked PM in living memory even beating the old battle axe herself and Tony Blair with his weapons of mass destruction in to third place.
So if you still have a nice library and a park or perhaps a day centre you like to go to,or youth clubs for your children to keep them off the streets and a bobby on the beat or a local hospital or fire service,then enjoy them while you can because i can guarantee that most from that list will not be there after the next election.unless of course you live in Oxford..
Let the Tory supporters defend the indefensible,for others who now dare to look out their own front door can now surely see what a shambles this so called coalition is.
They are a slight to the great history of the working people of this country,they are rotten to the very core and i can only hope that come 2015 that the majority of people help kick their rotten door in and watch as their whole rotten house come tumbling down.
It is only when a Government has come to pass that the real truth sees the light of day and when the books are opened and the boxes are ticked, we may not find any weapons of mass destruction but we shall find ,greed, deceit,lies,weakness,wickedness, incompetence,and worse of all intent, intent to take this country over a hundred years back in time.

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