Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sometimes I tweet when I should Blog, or Blog when I should tweet.

So today...

Sometimes i hear the lower quieter sounds off the tellybox and cos its stereo think its something in the flat or neighbours.

That comes from slight mid range hearing loss i'm sure, but not helped sometimes the places my head goes.
... thats depression in part I also think.

Sometimes even when you know what it is though , it doesnt help.

Dont get probs if playing something on lappy with earphones.

OOh getting a friend visit saturday, i think, and theyve fixed the iMac for my desk. means cleaning desk now. eek.

I think I told them i'd probably scrape the stuff off cos its got clutterred, into a box.

Something to look forward to. 

I turned down a civic function which i was invited, think that was Monday coming. Cos its early start, and thats tablets and mainly loo bound stuff in mornings. thats *impact* of ill.

Also with the ills causing fatigue, and one of the tablets causing insomnia , I have a wide and varied unpredictable sleep pattern. 

This is probably as bland and random as a blog post could be. Sorry. 

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