Sunday, 30 December 2012

Camerons New Year Speech. Comment from Robert Winchurch of Mobilityproducts4U


Things surprise me sometimes and make me think and when I saw part of Mr Cameron's new year speech I thought he must have been in his ((parallel universe))  when he wrote it!
I assume most of the content came to him in a dream, he says that he and his government are on the right track! The only problem with that is he does not know which track it is or where it is going! no mention of Europe and our standing in there but then I suppose he is waiting for Tony Blair to be elected President to save the UK from itself.
He does talk about getting people off benefit and into meaning full employment, a nice sentiment but where are the jobs supposed to come from? Perhaps he could ask those working at Remploy and all of those who used to work there if they would prefer to be living on benefits or if they would just like to be back in meaning full employment at the companies that his henchman Ian Duncan Smith decided to close down.
This of course was a decision made for the absolute benefit of those disabled people who had been employed by Remploy with dignity and a basic living wage so that they could go out and integrate into the mainstream employment. Only one thing wrong with that is that there are not enough jobs for the able bodied in the real world let alone expecting companies to make major adjustments to their work place to allow those in wheelchairs or those who are visually impaired to join the company!
Time to get real Mr Cameron and to start thinking about how we can alter this society so that we are "All in it together" not some of us racking in massive bonuses for fixing the Libor rates or allowing payday loan companies to charge extorionet rates of interest to those who cannot afford it but probably do not know where else to go. Perhaps it is time for the government to really take control of the money lenders!
The other thoughts I had centred on the New Years Honours list, why if it is a New Years list was it made public on Saturday the 29th of December? Should it not have been released on January the 1st 2013?
So nice to see though that the honours list truly reflects achievements ans success by the people they are bestowed up on. Take Hector Sants for instance, he is the former Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority and was heavily criticised over regulatory failures of that body during the time of the financial crisis, guess what he is now Sir Hector Sants, hey way to go make a mess of a top job and get a knighthood, is it possible that soon we might see Dame Rebakah Brookes?
Many Thanks to Robert for that . He runs a Mobility Products company and wanted to share his disgust over Govt Policy. 

His Company Is Mobility Products 4U 

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