Sunday, 23 December 2012

Welfare suffering?

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My neighbour, who is a single parent with two children, was recently sanctioned and has lost her benefits in the run-up to xmas. The reason for the sanctioning appears to be that she wrote a letter of complaint about her work programme provider. The woman who 'supervises' my neighbour is consistently rude and unhelpful, and told her she was 'thick' because she left school at 16, as well as making other nasty comments. Rightly my neighbour wrote to complain immediately after which her benefit was stopped. These programmes are supposed to help people into work by reskilling them and boosting their self-esteem. How telling someone they're thick fits with that I have no idea. I wont give the name of this woman, but when I looked her up online she's regional manager for this place. I wish there was some action I could take but don't want to make my neighbour's situation worse.

What I'd like to do to IDS and his sanctimonious ilk is unprintable.

I'm an advice worker and I'm getting increasingly bad stories about the WP providers from some of my clients.
Confidentiality policy stops me from giving information about individual cases but their cases are similar to your neighbours. All the evidence I have come across so far is that the WP providers seem to be all about punishing people for being out of work - not helping them to find work.
People who have illness/disability are not having their special needs taken into account,so it can only be a matter of time before a major health and safety incident occurs from somebody being placed on a work placement which is not suitable for them - not to mention my fear that the suicide rate is going to continue rising.
Your neighbour is entitled to appeal the sanctions and should be encouraged to do so. We must put a stop to this state sanctioned bullying and show the bastards they can't get away with treating people like dirt.

My sister was in the same situation. She attended a WP the woman in her 'class' treated everyone in there like they were all workshy shirkers who she could treat however she wanted to. She actually told my sister she was a "lazy bitch" who she (the WP woman) was having to get out of bed for to go to work everyday to pay the taxes that were given to "lazy bastards" like my sister.

My sister complained, and put her complaint in writing. She complained to the job centre, together with another woman from the same session. My sister received a sanction. Her money has been stopped and she is appealing.

This attitude that everyone out of work and on benefits are 'workshy benefit scroungers' is exactly what the govt propaganda machine has been spouting out. They have done this deliberately in order to divide and rule, set the working poor against the non-working poor. It is immoral and it is getting worse.

Everytime they do yet another obscenity against the unemployed they get away with it, and that only encourages them to commit even further atrocities.

In PMQ's one MP held a suicide letter in his hand from one of his deceased constituents. He killed himself because of the hardships he had suffered because of the unfair and discriminatory changes to sickness and disability benefits. The poor man felt he had no place left to turn. His blood is on the govt's hands.... on IDS's hands.... and Duncan Smith has the nerve to call himself a christian.

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