Friday, 21 December 2012

Who In The Gov.Uk crowd Knows about exclusion? Who's on net providers payrolls?

Just as Unemployed get absoluted decree that net is neccessary/ obligatory and yet benefits are so difficult to achieve without net and tescos put prices up, as are many doing. How will this work? its carcrash and social cohesion and justice disaster. Do you understand that the scrounger rhetoric slams unemployed and sick with internet capability, yet the machine that is supposed to support those people, including me, is now set to demand something that they condemn in the media? And that the capitalist opportunists are making more expensive as a direct result no doubt? And those in need will not afford this ludicrous situation and be denied. Even though there always will be a paper option, so I'm told, the latest I.D.Smith Statement says little of the paper options. And Librarys who have public internet free are closing, and have max two hour limits , and sessions are hard to book through massive over subscriptions already, often, so this my friend... This is truly twisted.

A short blog , just to tell you I know LOADS without net. AND THIS IS MADNESS. 


  1. My IT stuff was donated to help me keep in touch with stuff by some fortunate people I know. I dont have piped in broadband, and have a dodgy 3g signal to run off, and that is less than perfect for heavy sites. Its not as good as the demands of govt want if i should be asked to use their universal jobsmatch thing . I would fail at their required useage due to network issues through the week. This is why this post must be shared, to those that care for social justice.

  2. I have mobility problems, both physically as I am disabled, and due to the rurality of where I live. My local council made cuts to the public transport, so we now have no buses. Without my computer and broadband I would be unable to do my shopping, pay my bills or re-order my medications. Further more, I would be even more at risk from social exclusion because of my disability. At least I can seek friendly advice and support from my fellow peers online. As PIP and ESA accessibility and criteria are subject to ever more stringent and punitive assessments, myself and tens of thousands of sick and disabled people will find themselves at the point of destitution as the cuts take effect. I paid in to the system for 30 years, in to a welfare state. I now find I am vilified as a disabled person, and those like me demonized in the press as "Work shy scroungers". I have access to IT out of ihas become a lifeline..and is NOT a luxury.