Saturday, 14 September 2013

UN exploring Human Rights Issues In the UK

Following a visit to the UK by a leading worldwide housing expert, The government shot itself in the foot by objecting at the visit, which publicised it further.

The UN said the most agressive response from its housing rights investigations yet by its Special Rapporteur. GUARDIAN ARTICLE

This, was essentially regarding Part of the Welfare reform Act , and a thing referred to colloquially as the Bedroom Tax.

The visit was to ascertain the human rights abuses (or not) this part of legislation was (or wasnt) causing.

The initial Expert Statement, a summary of the visit was pretty damning of this govts human rights abuses in housing benefit restrictions, and general policy.

It now transpires, the investigation is widened into Employment and Support allowance procedures/ and effects and looking at the already condemned by many Work Capability Assessments, the decisions from them, and the failings of welfare reform as a whole.

To that end they have extended their investigations:

Email your ESA and WCA stories to UN inspector Raquel Rolnik:

Also please scroll down a bit and click the WOW symbol and sign Wowpetiton .


I found this and thought you'd need to see it.
I'd suggest this time it's a bit more organised with groups working out petitions which make a case. As the statement beneath makes it clear - individuals are sending in effectively random material. WE need to be FOCUSED.
"From the U.N Sent me This ... SPREAD THE WORD !!!
We have received information about the ATOS Centres; but Ms. Rolnik is rapporteur for the right to adequate housing and her report has to stay on this theme.
However, I strongly advise you to write to the Special Rapporteur on the right to health (Mr. Anand Grover -
Maybe they can help with this!
Best regards,

This means the responses on WCA ESA and petition (call for action, not a signature list) has been far too random. 

Please Email Anand Grover as above with ATOS stories, and your failures of system on WCA/ esa awards . 

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