Thursday, 26 September 2013

Episode in the life of someone with depression...

The witness at my recent WCA told the Nurse assessing me that sometimes i go "Manic". I hate that term.

So today, I witnessed a bit of mania of myself, and tweeted it.

Mental health is a mixed bag, depression is VERY hard to cope with.

I asked should I blog it? There were direct personal messages saying I should, and one publicly saying please do so here it is.

OOOH techy gleeeeeeee! I just fixed the broadcom onboard for the lappy rf, by twiddling with a bit of bios. Me? FFS . Wooh
To confirm. I - AM - NOT - A - TECHY - BY - A - LONG - SHOT . But woooh
I found that some bit of shiz had altered the bios. And I FIXED IT. So ner-ner-ner to the shiz that fukd it up.
*Jules is chuffed*
Fiddling with guts of machines isnt my thing. But thought what the hell. Scared, like, but Knew recovery if i broke it. So went in &did it.
Also did a few checks in terminal, which im lightly aware of. But found that reported NO FAULTS, so BIOS fukabout it was then.
Happy as a pig in shit that it worked though, if it hadnt ........
That, i think can be a by-product of depression. "This *must work* hell or high water, with gusto and anger drive.

Thats a window into the soul. A result. If the result HADNT HAPPENED, you wouldnt have seen this blog, or me for dust. It Wouldve sent me.... *YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW WHERE*

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  1. Perhaps my good [sometimes!] wife would understand better than me?

    She suffers from chronic depression and when it hits her... well, I avoid her like the plague. Thats all I know what to do.

    I try to understand, but I don't think I really do. I think its like so many other things... if you haven't had it/got it you can't know it.

    Thanks for sharing Jules.