Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Important. Researcher needs to talk to Disabled Graduates.

Very important research that will then be shared on line with findings etc. 

I'm a postgraduate student doing Psychology MSc. I urgently require between 8 and 15 graduates, for interviews within the next few days, on the subject of unemployed and underemployed, who have been in this situation, preferably for at least 6 months, about their experiences of this situation.

What is said in interview will be kept completely confidential and anonymous, in accordance with the university ethics committee requirements, that is also in accordance with British Psychological Society professional guidelines on confidentiality and ethics.

I can personally meet up with any participants, in North West England, due to transport time and cost, but at  any location in the NW that anyone is comfortable with. I also have the facilities on my PC to interview anywhere in UK or abroad via Skype, audio only, as no video or visuals are required for the interviews, as it is what the participant has to say that counts.

Full university contact details will be provided to all participants, and only one interview per person is required.

I can also be contacted by on Twitter @ImaTigerrr by open tweets or by Direct Message (DM) or via this blog that Jules is kind enough to offer. I would like to interview disabled graduates in particular as I think it is important to get across the extra difficulties that graduates find in gaining suitable employment, which they deserve.



  1. Not sure if I'm what you're looking for as a) graduated 15 years ago and b) do have a job. It is only part time now though and not at all what I trained to do.

    1. Can you email the researcher please with your details Thanks, Jules

    2. Address >

  2. Hi Nat,

    You sound ideal for the study, as I need any graduate and that means any disabled, abled, whatever, graduated at any time, unemployed, part time or low paid or any non-graduate full time if you can get in touch via email given above by Jules,
    Also Jules has my name as we follow each other on Twitter, or to the following Gmail:

    You can also contact me by open messages or if you follow me and I also follow you via direct messages using my Twitter

    Hope you can contact me soon to arrange for one interview on-line as soon as possible, as I need to complete my study urgently and any help much appreciated,