Friday, 27 September 2013

Bizarre. I dont know the other persons circumstances either.

on a sentiment promoting Obama Care.
Then, I replied to intial q's. Then this.
My tweets in this part deleted because I was shut down like a leaky nuclear reactor.  
@Jules_Clarke @Catballou Okay thanks. Now please explain each of your tweets one at a time so they are understandable.
@Jules_Clarke @Catballou Europe's economy is still in stress. Austerity only hurts those who can least afford it. So sorry.
@Jules_Clarke @Catballou Are you assuming that ObamaCare is the same as your system. Don't you have universal health care?
@Jules_Clarke @Catballou The reality in my life, I don't deal well with tweeters who overwhelm my time line. I think that we should cease.
@Jules_Clarke @Catballou Please cease sending me tweets. That website is quite vulgar. Don't appreciate it. Thank you.
@PabonMatriarch @Catballou I've deleted tweets to you. Sorry if you find vulgarity in a struggle for justice.

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