Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dear ATOS - Right here Right now not 2015...

Dear ATOS + Monsieur Thierry Breton

My next WCA in UK is TODAY , TUESDAY 24th SEPT.... and I could ask the Guy/Lady "wanna feel my glands they always swollen from inner fightings? Wanna? " probably wont though

Dear ATOS theres invisible stuff right? Get a fibroscan machine, and an gastroscope and in 15 minutes youd never wanna see me again.

Dear Atos . last proceedure: The notes said Chronic with varices. You probably dont fucking care. BUT THAT IS BIG SHIT RIGHT THERE.

Dear ATOS my main tablets are bad fuckers and last chance treatments cos all the others didnt work, if these give up i die. WHAT DONT U C?

Dear ATOS i'm almost permanently tired fighting comorbidities and side fx. But really dont expect an IT co to see that.

Dear ATOS one of the most important parts of my body is damaged. It wont get fixed. WHY YOU ASKING ME IF IM BETTER?

Dear ATOS i suffer mentally too, Insomnia from the lifesaving tablets , oh the irony, and depresion. JOIN THE FUCKING DOTS

Dear ATOS yes i've signed #WOWpetition very early on, because the system is fucked.


  1. Telling it 'like it is' is often the best way. You definitely come across as angry and frustrated which is very understandable as the WCA is an odious, harmful thing that is only there to make people with genuine needs/sickness/disabilities suffer without any real reason.
    The WCA needs to be abolished, or made very, very fair so that everyone who needs help isn't denied it to satisfy a politician's whim.
    Good luck to you sir & I hope all works out well for you.