Monday, 2 September 2013

Reality Check for those that deny realities of the Sick

Some crowdsourced items to bear in mind. ....

Feeling the cold : Needs energy use. Often Higher cost than those not ill.

Apparently Lowest benefits in europe.

Social exclusion : lack of engagement funds.


Disruption to things people who arent ill take for granted.

Some feel its like being in jail. Being sick. May I quote Indio in 'For a few dollars more."
when referring to jail. "No Amore. No Dinero, No Sun."
Uncertainty. Not knowing how will be day to day, week to week. 

Not being able to plan or commit to things.

Being Ill longterm is "not what you think" if you aren't

PREMIUM rate telephone numbers for helplines.

Forms, lots of forms.

Media misrepresentation.

--------------- The list is far more. But hey. Each of the above .

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