Tuesday, 31 May 2011

IS THIS NOW? New Networking in relation to old - I think...

Something I read from an American Blogger Jon Bischke says, and I agree "We live in an age where with a solid Internet connection and someone to guide you through the process of self-education (admittedly something many people don’t have) you can learn just about anything. Certainly enough to qualify for some of society’s highest-paid positions. But unfortunately that’s not enough. Because despite the fact that it’s easier than ever to learn the things that will qualify you for a well-paid position in the world, it’s not easier (perhaps even harder) to gain access to the networks that will let you achieve your full potential."

This is further limited by deliberate social policies and ideologies imposed on the general populace by Already in place financial differences and huge rifts between levels within society, and those that maintain those structures.

The problem is there is a phrase that I call Protectionism that the Privileged sectors of the society concerned actually force on others saying its a necessary part of maintaining order within society.

The richness of some are restricted by selfish desires of others, and by the rules being set by the winners. Who were already winners by their original placements and access to key enabling networks.

So How to the people who are put upon gain access to these networks and influential routes to priviledge?

By learning and adapting to resist the restrictions and finding new ways to extend their opportunities.

Who will teach them but themselves?

Those within those lower echelons who can realise and see the possibilities have a duty to teach, enable, and smash the artificial limitations placed upon those who did not, at first , have access to the networks to achieve full potential and assist a general understanding that all people have the right to be treated in a fair way, rather than subjugated for their lack of access to enabling networks.

The time of those restrictions is over, and now is the time that people should be able to enable what they have access to.

The original premise of not able to network sufficiently has gone.

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