Thursday, 19 May 2011

Imagination Land - The Clouds That Cuckoos live in?

 Written By Barbara Hulme, Member, Virtual Gherkin. 

The Imaginary World Of Politicians/Parliament

There have been recent reports in the papers of politicans making up imaginary scenarios to claim imaginary expenses (oops money was real!!) didn’t mean for it to go that far!! Imaginary ring fencing of the NHS, imaginary ring fencing of education Etc. Taking this on board here are some more imaginings from parliament which are having a huge impact on the sick and disabled.
Yesterday there was a meeting of a Parliamentary Select Committee concerning Employment and Support Allowance and the new Work Capability Assessment (WCA) . ATOShealthcare attended and spoke as also did Professor Harrington. 
Some interesting points emerged such as.
1. If you are found fit for work it does not mean that you are not sick/disabled.
2. If you are placed in the work related activity group (WRAG) which means you will be capable of work in the future – it’s irrelevant if your condition is deteriorative!! In the daydream imaginative world of the politician your condition can miraculously improve permanently just by being placed into this group, despite what Drs/Consultants say to the contrary!
However the most amazing bit of imaginary world has to be what emerged and was taken on board by all politicans present and professor Harrington ….. It is not the task of the WCA to test if you are capable for work in the real world ie in real job scenarios!
It is the job of the WCA to test if you are capable of work in a fantasy world which does not exist and of which there is no description!
This in essence means that many of those found fit for work or placed in the WRAG are not fit for work in any normal meaning of the term.
To work in this imagined world the sick and disabled people are now moving around freely in imaginary wheelchairs with imaginary access to all forms of transport and all buildings, with imaginary bosses allowing imaginary amounts of time off work, when too ill to get there and too ill to work from home, where imaginary taxis charge imaginary money for imaginary journeys undertaken and where painful conditions suddenly become pain free.
Hey if things are getting this unreal – I think I’ll fly!!

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