Saturday, 14 May 2011

BBC REPLY regarding Complaint on Coverage of Hardest Hit March 11th May

Lots of people complained over lack of coverage.
In the Facebook group associated to this blog a member got THIS REPLY from BBC

LOTS OF PEOPLE COMPLAINED.BBC Complaints - Case number CAS-753555-386QP1
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Dear Mrs xxxxx

Reference CAS-753555-386QP1

Thank you for your feedback regarding BBC News. 

We understand some viewers and listeners felt we did not sufficiently report on the Hardest Hit march held in central London on 11 May 2011.

We reported on the march during our BBC One news bulletins at One and Six on this date. Both reports heard from BBC Correspondent Alison Holt who was at the march, we also heard from Jaspal Dhaniuk from the Disabled People's Council and the Minister for Disabled People Maria Miller MP.

In addition to this, the march was covered during Radio 4 news bulletins and the BBC News Channel throughout the day, alongside articles on the BBC News website at: 

It may also be of interest to you that Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ previewed the march on 10 May. You can still listen to the programme online at: 

We therefore feel we afforded the Hardest Hit march with the appropriate level of coverage, in a fair and impartial manner.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.  Heres_________



 one reply I was given for info. 

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  1. I complained about biased reporting on immigration after the newsreader said 'well the problem with immigration is' indicating bias and when the report stated that 'time and time again immigration is shown to be the no.1 concern for the British public (it never is, it's always the economy) so I asked them to supply the data they used in the report.

    Their response was pretty much. 'No, we're not biased, our charter says we're not allowed to be so that proves we're not'.

    Wankers. They've gone utterly right wing