Sunday, 15 May 2011

Major Email campaign on 26th May

The Virtual Gherkin Facebook Group have launched an event that they are asking as many people in the UK to take part in as possible.

Basically There are Disabled and Able people in this country completely disgusted with The lack of application to her Role of Minister for the Disabled - that minister being Maria Miller .

The major email campaign was launched and a Letter that can go to all MPs and the Media too was crafted amongst a seriously concerned group of disabled people.

They arrived at a Letter that they hope anyone who has seen the treatment of Disabled people fall apart, and even cause deaths (more are being reported weekly) , will gladly send in support of a worsening and potentially disastrous application of Government hitting the Vunerable in such a way as probably never been seen before in this country.

The letter is below. And the Group are sending this via email to MPs and Media on 26th May.
Will you take part too? 

Dear Sir(s)
I with many others, believe that there should be a vote of no confidence in Ms Maria Miller MP Disabilities Minister for the following reasons:

1) For failing to fight hard enough to ensure that disabled people receive a fairer assessment of capabilities (specifically the Work Capability Assessment implemented by such companies as ATOS) and which is generally acknowledged to be a flawed test.

2) I and many others believe that, in the light of the recent/threatened cuts to benefits for disabled people, and the cuts affecting disabled people generally, will bring harm, a loss of dignity and a loss of independence to disabled people both at home and where applicable, in their working lives. I and many others believe that her absence at the ‘Hardest Hit March’ on the 11th of May 2011 shows that she is reluctant to engage directly with disabled peoples concerns.

3) To the best of my knowledge, I and many others believe that Ms Maria Miller, in her role as MP has not taken a sufficiently strong public stand to protect disabled people from disability hatred. Such disability hatred may include acts perpetrated by the media or individual perpetrators of verbal abuse, violence and/or criminal damage when it occurs.

It is for the above reasons that I and many others believe that Ms Maria Miller MP is out of touch with the worries, concerns and outrage felt by disabled members of society and therefore, urge ministers to press for a vote of no confidence in Ms Miller and raise a call for her resignation. 

Name, Address. 

That's the letter. And people are sending it "as is" 

Join the group on Facebook: 

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  1. Sorry if this is a granny sucking eggs moment but not all MPs make their emails public. If so try here