Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ask Steve Cram NOT to be Ambassador to ATOS -Event 31st May.

Virtual Gherkin On Facebook are running a mass email campaign on 31st to request Steve Cram removes his association as ambassador to ATOS I.T. (Part of ATOS ORIGIN)

Steve Cram has joined as an Ambassador to ATOS I.T. for 2012. ATOS I.T. IS PART part of The ATOS company.

The letter Tells him the reasons he should disassociate himself and publicise why he has done so.

The Date Planned: Please all send this out on Tuesday the 31st

You can copy and paste this letter:

Dear Mr Cram

With all the charity work you do and the fact that you have been involved with the paralympics, I find it very suprising that you have made the decision to be amabassador for any part of ATOS. please read this article.

You may or may not be aware that on Wednesday 11th May there was a demonstration of disabled people in London - the biggest ever demonstration of disabled people.

They were campaigning against ATOS healthcare, part of ATOS origin, and the barbaric WCA tests they carry out on the sick and disabled and the notrious tick box LIMA computer system used by them in ascertaining people as fit for work or not.

And It may interest you to know that many Charities, Organisation, Medical Professional, Scholars & Academics, Independent Inquiries & Commissions have made clear in unequivocal public statements that the Work Capability Assessment in it’s current guise is “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE” but is willingly administered by ATOS Heathcare

There are many articles throughout the press concerning deaths and suicides caused by this companies actions.

Please withdraw your support for them and speak to any disabled charity to find out what the disabled community, charities and the CAB think regarding this company.

It would be fabulous if you would WITHDRAW YOUR SUPPORT for this company and publicise why!

Thank you for any help you are able to give in this matter.

Yours sincerely
Name and Address etc

YOU SEND IT HERE: < e-mail address.

You can join the Facebook group here:


  1. Also tell the media you've sent it, copy them the email too.

  2. Media emails are:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  3. Hopefully, he will have a change of mind and won't pursue it.