Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Joined Up-ness?

So. The doc's havent GOT a letter, that I HAVE got. FFS.
Also Docs HAVE written to hospital over renal concerns. Nothing from hospital back on that in what about 6 or 8 weeks, possibly more?
This isnt joined up is it? and some people wouldnt be ABLE to manage their own conditions and whats going on where.
This is evident in several i am helping/ have helped.
Joined Up-ness to coin a phrase, is not a great thing in NHS in my experience and that of others , more so more recently.
How can this be solved?
Either have an advocate who can monitor and chase stuff, or fix the NHS laggyness. Possibly with a Case manager for each person?
I asked macmillan for someone to join up Anti-co-ag/Cancer/main urology functions etc for someone. THEY cant . And each Doc/consultant is at a loss on what we mean by Join-it-up too .
This is a concern.
It concerns me that others mightnt manage as well, miss bits of stuff out, and not get the plan they need...
Anyway. Thats a view from here.

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