Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday thought, from Jules.

This is a saturday thought, from Jules.

When you USed to have people willing to assist on difficult things.
Like putting that BIG telly in a flat, like moving stuff about, all inwards to the place...
And then you DONT have the assistance around to get those things back OUT of the place and disposed of years later, and theres a collection of stuff that needs GONE.

And when someone visits, and says... Why is there that stuff there..its easy to get rid of...

But it isnt.

And then they think you are hoarding crap and say so.

Them sort of people offer no solution, but criticise. without the thought that its not always possible for someone to do on their own.

Does this make you think about condemnations YOUVE done to anyone?

Does it resolve you to help more?

Im not sure it will. But there. Thats a thought i had.

Its not always about STUFF either, it could be ISSUES people have. But then thats extending the thought further and thats not the intent. This is a thought piece. For you. Not my job to think for you, is it. Nope. *Fin*

Youre welcome.

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