Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Busy bodies and insults.

I'm trying to calm down here. Seriously.

The most insulting thing has happened to me JUST now.

Here goes.

I was walking the dog, decided to tie him outside shop and pop in and get some stuff quickly.

Whilst in and paying a woman was running round with a big dog of dog food, shouting someones tied a dog outside that looks like its starvin to death.

I didnt know she meant MINE. But i thought has someone else tied theirs outside too...

There was no other dog tied out front. So We were leaving along the front and she runs up to me with this bag of food " Here this is for the dog hes starving"
Me its okay he has his own food, thanks.
"No take it Im a christian- your not feeding him"

Three others went Aww she's right look at his THIN LEGS..

At which point i said

"He's 14 yrs old, a cross breeding gave him his look , and he's never been fat.."

She tried to remonstrate.

I didnt catch what she said. But i replied

YOU dont know how much or what care I give this dog You know nothing of his history and i find this incredibly insulting.
And i turned back on her and walked away, with MY DOG, THAT I KNOW ALL ABOUT DOG, THAT DOG.

The three others close by were going "She's right though, innit thin"


NEVER DO THAT TO ANYONE> It made me look a cunt to more than those 4 people.

Never fucking assume stuff. Not like that.
That was disgusting and unnecessary.

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