Monday, 11 July 2016

Explaining the JulesHelpFund Button on this Blog

Okay, some of asked for explanation of it.

Im less financially able to help people who cant cover my costs associated with helping them, so people are being unhelped. at least by me when my costs arent covered.

Theres a core, i ended up behind with my own bills, by my failure to recognise exactly what harm that little bit here and there could add up to.

Took advice.

The result? If people cant cover a fiver, a tenner, or whatever it costs me to help , then i cant help.
And i have stuff to repair from not having that rule.

So that button can repair my situation, and can help people too simultaneously.

I wont put amounts here, cos thats not who i am or why this post is made.

So even however cryptic this is, it is a help fund, so i can continue to help people .

And im not hiding the fact either that it will help me too. IT WILL HELP ME TOO. but that must be balanced, by more of my own small income can be spent on my stuff, my repairing, and my stuff. Essentially not causing the same issue as before.

I hope that explains.

And ... can you help?

Theres another route that i see if you help me on a thing I need to do for me over and above all that. Click This one if its purely to help me , suggested amount set, but you can ammend that accordingly >CLICK >>>

                                                 THIS One IS purely for ME.

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