Friday, 21 October 2016

Some Comms thoughts , maybe?

if you are an org with a front facing twitter, resolve there not signpost to phone call or a link, or anything else, the initial side if strong enough should be THERE, not elsewhere. Clear descriptions and resolutions CAN be achieved on one media, dont ask people to swap to another. Unless.. of course its TOO COMPLICATED.On twitter you'll find often, it isnt, and theres the DM channel that works very well.
And so dont take people off where they are comfortable with AT THE TIME. use that and accommodate from the place they are. Email? stay email, facebook? stay facebook, see.. etc etc.
And if someone wants phone, give them phone option. Make it the audience not you.
Only a few people will actually get this, ive tried to simplify it as much as i could...
I dont think telling people not on your site when engaged "go to site and do this" when you are already engaged can be seen as anything but a Put off & further complication. So essentially if engaged dont break that engagement, carry it on, if at all feasible to do so, else you disrupt the engagement and get distortions.

I think thats a thing called Meet them Where They are, but i could be talking "marketing" or "bullshit" depends whos reading.

Digital inclusion isnt just enabling people to interact digitally on YOUR terms. The Digital OFFER, should i say, doesnt now simply mean "go to our website and do this" its much bigger now.

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