Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What is the #DidDLAhelp HASHTAG on twitter?

The #DidDLAhelp hastag is a twitter based protest against the
introduction of PIP.

Let me explain a little simply here:
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a current benefit widely accepted
as neccessary to provide a life opportunity to disabled people that
they otherwise wouldn't have. A splendid principle allowing transport
and facilitations of costs associated with the disabilities the
benefit is allowable for.
The reason people are complaining is in last two years criteria and
awards have become tighter, and its not easy benefit to obtain even in
times of need these days.

To top that, it is going to be replaced with:
Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Where its estimated those enabled by current DLA will be reduced in
number and its mooted that life opportunitires and basic facilitation
will be removed from about half a million didabled people.

To many who are unaware...
This will mean many disabled people will be shut in there homes,
social interactions will cease and isolation / despair will ensue.

This in basic form is why many of us are asking that the #DidDLAhelp
hashtag is used on twitter as a protest against this change.
We have introduced it to highlight even many paralympians would not be
competing if it wasnt for DLA in there lives , not paying for
training, but enabling then to engage with life. Which then enables
then to participate.

I hope this explains it succinctly enough to those in the sick and
disabled community and those outside with a keen interest in social





  1. Please forgive the typos I'm quite tired.

  2. brilliant idea jewels I'll start using this hash tag as my d l a has been stopped walsall thank you for telling me about the speak to type or speech to text on my phone it works very well

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