Thursday, 30 August 2012

A bit of me...

What is it me and sleep?

three sleeps today.

bad night last night... what the f*** is wrong with *normal* sleeping?

Can i have it back whoever stole it from me?

oh wait.. no one stole it... illnesses did, and tablets.

ok *grabs* an "accept it" attitude...




  1. Must be horrible

  2. It's called deranged sleep or sometimes excessive daytime somnolence. Makes planning ahead a bitch :-) Did you know that until recently we all had two sleeps at night, first sleep then a few hours of waking, then second sleep? It went when the industrial revolution came in, which strongly suggests it's the way we sleep now all the night through that's unnatural. Strange things (stange to us) happen in sleep, our conscious and unconscious minds seem to merge at times. Perhaps that should be happening far more than it currently does, perhaps we're working against our basic design and this accounts for many of the odd ilnesses with which we're currently plagued. Perhaps release from commercial pressures would bring refief from many of our ailments. Here you go