Sunday, 19 August 2012

Continuing recent propaganda theme...

I'm quite annoyed.
I try to do as much as I can. With two physical diseases, and what some call Black Dog. one or all debilitate me. But being invisibly debilitated sometimes is completely ignored by people. I would like your views on something from my twitter timelime that does concern me greatly as to whether sick and disabled will be shot at as fakers even more. Please read the pic I put on this post. It's a screen shot which made me blog this what may seem light unclear entry.
Your comments are welcome as always.

Many Thanks



  1. As a request from a representative of RNIB the graphic contains the text "Am I the only one alarmed by the C4 branding of the paralympics athletes as superhuman? Watch the hate crimes rise..."

  2. We've already seen Cristina Odone, a columnist for the Daily Telegraph, in a piece scheduled to pre-empt the Dispatches and Panorama exposes of ATOS, attacking disabled people for campaigning against the WCA rather than being paralympians or emulating Nelson, Byron, FDR or JFK. And she closed the piece with a deliberate insinuation that people with back problems are scroungers.

  3. Comment from Amanda , as emailed to myself:

    I agree with David, there was the awful Odone article and another in The Mail a few days later. I really think it's important to try to get the message across that some disabled people are healthy including Paralympians. Others are disabled through illness and therefore unwell.

    The whole attitude of "if they can do it so can you" is farcical. That means anyone in my street could run as fast as Usain Bolt does it?

    I am worried. I also think twitter is going to be a cesspit of unfunny "jokes" smart arse comments and horrible bullying. I reckon I'll have to stay away from certain hashtags.