Saturday, 25 August 2012

Oh how luxurious, how divine, in being sick, and on the breadline.

Thoughts on Food when On The Sick

I was thinking along these lines just earlier today, hope i capture
the thoughts correctly.

i did buy a pack of prawns earlier 1.99 bargain. Thats for tomorrows dinner.

Also bought lots of cheapy cheapy stuff. Stuff you eat cos you gotta eat.
I have some spices in and rice / pasta so will make a few things up as
i go along next couple of days. How? Dont know yet.

Might make a curry in a couple of days that means buying whatever the
meat deal is CHEAP.

Also need get some baking potatoes. but will only buy one or two at
time else they go mingingly off. The hottest days are over i hear so
can get some nice bread in too.

Cant buy stuff and waste it at all, and dont have a fridge freezer. my
fridge quite small too. Oh sorry gone on a pauper food ranty
splurge... but hey kids thats what goes through mind when poor and
trying to eat regularly. Sort of anyway.

Sometimes with lowappetite / or illness i dont want to eat.

But advice is advice from docs. Cant follow to the letter cos to do
that theyd have to up my money which aint gonna happen.


Update for those that dont know
Oh: not sure you know this... The witness to my WCA assesment was sure
when we left that atos should not say fit. they said fit. DWP looked
at it and overturned atos. DWP on phone to me said "Atos missed
something important from their report, based on your form we
overturned their decision" They wouldnt tell me what that was though.
- ESA WRAG group given.




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