Sunday, 9 January 2011

Solo / The bird in my soul...

Here's a poem a friend of mine wrote... many meanings in there...
Hope you enjoy...


How have you found me little bird?
I was just over there a second ago, looking for you.
But now I am over here. Did I leave a trail behind me?

Little wormys to nourish you back to health?
Or was it my secret whispers aloud?
Why did you not meet me? Where we always meet?
Is there something I do not know?
And what is it that makes you so special my feathered friend?
Oh, I do wish to know more about you.

Please do sing me a song!
One that is sweet and bitter like my season.
It would help me.
I think it would help you also, for I know you are still broken.

Oh, now that’s lovely.
Why do you not sing more often?
Oh! Please do not wobble away from me, I need your melodies today!

How come you have gone little bird?
What is the matter my gray songstress?
I will not judge you in any way.
A promise is a promise, and yours I plan to keep.
Shall I came by tomorrow? Will you still be around?
Or has spring lead you else where?

Oh there you are!

I can hear you in the wind.
Little bird, little bird, have I missed something?
For I can almost gather it, but just barely.
Reason with me! What could it be?

         I will try, my flightless friend:

        My tummy is your tummy!
Your song is my song!
        Our wings are but four puzzle pieces!
        Where ever you go I go to.

Little bird? Are you a part of my soul? Or are you a part of my heart?
Have I imagined you? You feel so real. So alive.
©  Jessica Emily Ann Howe

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