Friday, 7 January 2011

Puffins and global warming??????

Since the Atlantic Puffin gets the majority of its food from diving it is important that there is an ample supply of resources and food. Different environmental conditions such as tidal cycle, upwellings and downwellings contribute to this abundance. In a study published in 2005 it was observed that Atlantic Puffins were associated with areas of well-mixed water below the surface. This study implies consequences for the species if impacts of global warming lead to an alteration of tidal cycles. If these cycles are modified too much, it is probable that the Atlantic Puffin will have a difficult time locating food resources. Another consequence of an increase in temperature could be a reduction in the range of the Atlantic Puffin, as it is only able to live in cool conditions and does not fare overly well if it has to nest in barren, rocky places, and an increase in temperature could thus squeeze the zone of puffin-suitable habitat as warmer biotopes expand from the equator but the polar regions remain barren due to lack of historical accumulation of topsoil.

Editorial Comment: 
Don't know where this came from. It arrived in Email. Shared it now. It seemed Maybe that SOMEONE might go AHA! That's interesting.
I'm good at editing, but I simply am not familiar with the above enough other than to present it as received.
And WHY I RECEIVED IT I DO-NOT-KNOW! They asked me to put it on Blog. Done. Any accuracy discrepancies aren't mine, but all I say is please leave the puffins alone, let them do their stuff, and don't, as naturalists, hound them to death. End of editorial comment. 

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