Friday, 21 January 2011

Does Domestic Violence Care Sector Matter?

I Got speaking to someone who works in the Domestic Violence Care sector.

I was Shocked to find that the Regional service she worked for was having 100% funding removed. And so I thought - HOW the fuck can the service continue? Would some other departments' value for money savings fund another department ENTIRELY.

Let me explain: 

As I do have a considerable knowledge of Value For Money Theory and Practice, which is modified and adapted during Budget reduction periods to a matter of front line service support and maintenance, I felt that an ENTIRE essential service organisation could not possibly (even without seeing figures) take money from other peoples' budgets in an adequate amount. This, based on KNOWLEDGE of How Things work. They havent classified the Service as Essential Frontline, and therefore all budgeting considerations seem to be ignorant mandatory pound note budget cuts. In my world any cut needs justification. There is none. The "OUTCOME" which is key to Value for Money Analysis is undesirable in this instance in most peoples minds. Anyone who knows My Subject should agree with my synopsis. 

So being somewhat familiar with Value for Money, and not theoretically able to see how My Subject could solve this issue the following happened...

I said you need to approach media in as many different ways as possible. 

It started on Twitter
Channel 4 News were initially interested,no follow up yet but through all sorts of routes it seems The Guardian may well run with the story. And that is all from an Energised and Committed and Very Frustrated Service thinking the floor will disappear from under them. They arent giving up yet.

There is no solution yet. They have a petition to sign to save them.

You can contact the person who started this cascade of interest on twitter @missytearious


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  2. The Finance Meeting Apparently was today. I dont have any update on the financial situation yet.

  3. missytearious Updated me:

    Jules_Clarke hi , 40% cuts not happy fill you in later have to go work

    Well 40% is better than total 100% scrapping the service. SOMETHING has worked. - Jules


    U P D A T E on Finances

    £350,000 that's all we need to keep our service going for another year donate please

  5. guardian did run with it so did local news papers and local and I believe national tv including channel 4 we worked hard
    - Missytearious