Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fabulous Piece about Owning Yourself and Dismissing Hate

There is religion in this piece, but stay with me, its here for a bloody good reason.
I shall say nothing for or against the church, for that only empowers whatever position they "have".
Essentially what this is talking about is Ownership of yourself and disempowering others' hate by Not accepting their misguided and distorted position. Anyway, here it is:

The Westbro Baptist Church "A story of Shame, Forgiveness, and Love"
By Jessica Emily Ann Howe © (

   When I 13 years old; I was sitting in Sunday school, the youth Minster preaching about repenting our sins to Jesus and his forgiving Father. I remember feeling dirty, hurt and also shameful. To say why I felt the first two is a different story all together. This story is about shame. 

  There was this girl, dark hair, brown eyes, and a sweet smile. I could not stop thinking about her. She made my eyes water and my chest pound. I knew why, but I rejected it, causing shame in myself, and in God.

    I was the only child of my Mothers' who begged to go to church and learn. I know now why I begged, the stories of love and hope. I'd heard the stories every Sunday. On this Sunday I was sitting in the pew, my heart beginning to pound. I felt that "knocking" at my heart, and I started a silent prayer "God, make it go away, make me normal" over, over, and over. Minutes later, I was at the altar in tears, shaking, but silent. All I could feel kneeling there was love. I heard love, found love, knew love, and myself. Then I turned on this feeling thinking "No, No..that's evil." But then all of the youth laid hands on me, and I knew. I just knew, it was okay.

Love, freedom. 

   For ten years now I've tried to do just that, love. I've made some brilliant mistakes, hurt myself, and others. (as they say, No Good Deed) But I'm flesh and waves. I'm prone to static and blood. And still I strive to carry on and love. Today I am open, heart on my sleeve, a bisexual woman, and free.

  This issue, is only one of many that the WBC (Westbro Baptist Church) is against so violently. They teach their children this hate, and I have no words for it nor will I repeat their words here. My heart pity's them deeply. In light of recent event in Tuscan,AZ (USA) They are planning to picket at each of the six peoples funerals who were murdered, and it breaks my heart. A child was among those who were murdered this past Saturday.

  As a cry, let us adhere to the words "I love you." Let us freely confess in truth "I fucking love you" to the WBC and see it no other way. If we as humans throw their words back to them, repeatably. It will only serve to make them stronger, their message of hate spread and become more violent. I know many people have different religions or none at all, which does not matter to me. I'll love you either way, and I will never tell your way of believing or not believing is wrong. This being because of the teachings that I learned at Church. (yes, a Christian church.)

   I'd like to leave you with the words of  "Lady Gaga" She tweeted these words to her "Little Monsters" before a concert in St. Louis, MO (USA) where the WBC stood with signs, screaming hate to the "Little Monsters" I believe that her words, should stand for all of us who are disgusted and hurt by the WBC.

"Pay these hate criminals no mind. Do not interact with them or try to fight.." "Do not respond to any of their provocation. Don't waste your words, or feelings, no matter what you hear or see."  "You are more fortunate & blessed than they are, and in ur heart just pray for them..."   "Be inspired to ignore their ignorant message and feel gratitude in your heart that you are not burdened or addicted to hate, as they are. xx " ( - taken from)

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  1. Westboro have a new piece of idiocy coming up soon.

    They are planning on protesting against Kevin Clark's Red State film at the Sundance Festival

    I can't believe they are going to protest against this film.

    Haven't churches learnt from past mistakes that protesting only makes people want to see a film even more? It happened with Life of Brian, DaVinci Code and Je Vous salue, Marie.

    Whenever a provocative film stirs up contraversy, it is almost funny to watch all the moral guardians who try and protect us from it's 'corruption', becoming unpaid unwitting publicists for the film company.

    These homophobic Westboro Baptists are making a mistake. Thanks to their protest, this film will undoubtedly be more watched than it otherwise might deserve