Monday, 24 January 2011

GREAT! Just what I needed.

Apparently Their Computers were Down, but no one phoned me until:

Phone made the sonic screwdriver noise that it is set to, so, I'm out with dog, remove phone and answer.

Them: Hi, its me

Me: Its who?

T: Its ******

M: Oh OK

T: Yeah just ringin find out, where are ya? Yer Taxi's outside now.

M: I'm at least fifteen minute walk away. I'm out with the dog...

T: Oh alright then

M: Err I did email ***** on Friday morning saying i didnt have agenda and minutes, and no transport was arranged. I thought I may've been emailed about this?

T: Err no, we thought you had all the stuff

M: Well obviously I cant be there now,

T: Alright Taxi can go pick next person straight on to them not to worry.

M: Ok

T: Never mind yer dogs getting a good walk it seems

Other stuff in private sorta chat was said.

But Annoying is what that was in a way, because thats one meeting I really needed to be at.

OK. I shall stop ranting now.

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