Friday, 14 January 2011

Who are you? (video - approx 2hrs)

This is just over two hours of fascinating expose on WHO YOU ARE in terms of WHO YOU ARE, AND WHO YOU ARE is explained fully.
This is FUCKING AWESOME. Please DO take time to watch it. And watch it full screen by clicking the cross arrows you see on the indicator bar. You can switch HD on or off too.
It is an amazing find. It is , may I state again, an awesome and worthwhile experience to watch. Civil liberties, Identities, the whole shebang is in this. Awesome awesome awesome. I shall shut up now and let you watch this. By the way. It may change the way you see yourself in society, and inspire you to really be you as well.

OUR SYSTEM OUR STRUCTURE OUR ILLUSION (2010) from Dominoes Falling Productions on Vimeo.

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