Tuesday, 14 December 2010

OUTRAGE - Disabled? AND assaulted?

We do this, now? We kettle kids, brain damage 20 year olds, and drag people out of wheelchairs? Oh, okay then.

James Moran saw this. I did too.
This is appalling shit, and I need this recorded here on The Virtual Gherkin, so people can see it.

Thanks to  @BarnabyEdwards: Footage of the police using 'reasonable force' to drag a disabled student from his wheelchair:

This has happened too often , and now there must be a stop to this.

Video footage of a protester apparently being dragged from his wheelchair by police and pulled across a street has emerged amid claims the police used disproportionate force in dealing with student demonstrators last week.
Jody McIntyre says he was the victim of unprovoked action by the police who appear to pull him from his wheelchair.
The Metropolitan police have responded to the video and released the following statement:
"In connection with the incident shown on you tube of a tuition fees protestor in a wheelchair, the Met Police confirm the man involved Jody McIntyre has not launched an official complaint. The issue has been referred by the Met Police to Directorate of Professional Standards - The Met Police will contact Jody McIntyre directly."
The BBC cannot verify they authenticity of this footage

Click to see this outrage...

It's quite staggering. "But did you try to MURDER the police with your wheelchair?? DID YOU?? Righto, just checking"

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