Monday, 13 December 2010

Councillors, Schools professionals. Answer needed.

On Monday 13th December 2010,  said:
If I put down for first choice school one that is just outside catchment area so only very small chance (basically if it's undersubscribed which is unlikely) of B getting in, but second choice is one that is in (but only just) area, presuming he doesn't get first choice (as it's unlikely but hey worth a shot), will my second choice be treated as a first choice then wrt third choice? As I would have assumed so BUT have heard rumours it does not work that way? Third choice is very "best of a bad job" - am I better not putting a third choice at all? And if I don't, what would then happen if school a and school b *both* come back as no? Some equivalent of clearing? Or would he just be allocated one?

Is there anyone can answer this perplexing question? 
IF SO CAN YOU TWEET @rosycottage                                         THANK YOU! 

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