Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dont Giftwrap XMAS for Criminals

This was requested by me for a community newsletter via their press office. It has already been in print

Written Greater Manchester Police:


Officers are asking people to follow a few simple crime prevention tips during the Christmas and New Year holiday season. A large pile of presents under the Christmas tree may look exciting, but it also acts as a magnet for burglars. Darker nights provide extra opportunities for thieves and a pile of presents left on display may add an extra incentive to would-be thieves. The Crime reduction advisor Judith Hackney said: “People can avoid advertising valuables by not putting presents under the tree or alternately putting the tree up in a room that cannot easily be seen from the street.  “Remember your house is a shop window to a thief. Don’t encourage window-shopping.”  And  “Other precautions that can help reduce the chances of becoming a target are keeping doors and windows locked, using burglar alarms and making homes look occupied by leaving a low energy light bulb on. If people are going away for Christmas they should ask a trusted neighbour to draw the curtains and remove post.”
While out celebrating people can help ensure that they stay safe and don’t leave themselves vulnerable to being a victim of crime. Officers are advising people to pace their drinks, stick with friends and plan how they are getting home after a night out either by arranging a lift home with friends or using a licensed taxi.
Crime prevention tips:
Lock doors and windows and set burglar alarms if you have one.
Make sure house and car keys are kept out of sight.
Never leave items of value such as laptops and mobile phones on view, and avoid being seen carrying one - conceal them in another bag.
Remember to make your home look and sound occupied, use timers for lights and radios.
Remember to shred bank statements etc.
Protect mobile phones and electrical items by registering them free of charge visit

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