Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cabbagegate : Have things changed?

I watched a Possible schism in the coalition, leading to a so far false hope of dissolution of the unjust Government and Yet "magicians" 1)changed responsibilities around 2)kept an inept and indiscreet bumbling politician in a career position and 3)Squashed the whole thing - so far.

So I have doubts that anyone understands the word Integrity any more.

Who was their emergency media advisor? Murdoch?

Well We have a Newspaper proven as having Lied.
Free adverts on the BBC for "The Target" that Murdoch's Corporation is after.

All thanks to a whistleblower who shall not be named by anyone.
Oh and a Reporter that will be dining off this for days.

The wind will blow, no doubt, and chaff will disappear.

I'm thinking that a bunch of cabbages would be a better proposition to run this country. Oh, wait - there *is* a bunch of cabbages running the country.

Shall we look to revolution, and PUBLICALY DEMANDED dissolution of Government?

Oh I forgot - we dont do that here.

Then, to top it all, I discovered that the reason for the Big Bloopers was a couple of reporters, pretending to approach on the basis of the compulsory spending review.

I seem to misunderstand. Or do I?
Is there a "responsibility" with empowerment?
Is there "the done thing" for the common good?
And actually WHAT is Government anyway? There seems to be a floating definition at the moment.

What "common good" is there in Hiding ineptitude whilst at same time its on public display? Or am I living in a void that wont let me see that today made sense?

It was a shambles, a declaration to all that this coalition is NOT good for this country. OH yeah. Give a Young Blood Tory the power over Massive corporations manipulation of public opinion by giving his Dept the job to decide on aquisitions in media. Yeah Makes sense in no way shape or form.

This could go into a huge Diatribe of Unrest, and maybe I should stop this free run of speech - before Murdoch shuts me up too.

If this makes no sense. Then I have actually joined the whole club of ridiculousness. Which, in a humble opinion I hold, I havent, or dont remember, joining.

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