Thursday, 9 December 2010


And so now the war is definitely on.

Resilient little primeval bastards - Dog Fleas.

Many people say Dogs get them ALL the time, Mine hasnt seemed to get them very much AT ALL over the time I've had him. But this year three cases - and three wars against the blighters.

Have circumstances changed? Where did they come from? Is it MY fault? All goes through my mind.

I think possibly the scruffy git who lives next door with a rottweiller may have something to do with it.
I see it scratching often (the dog), and the communal hall is scattered with black hairs constantly, and rarely cleaned by said neighbour. The dog's been there a couple of years. And the scruffiness (neighbour) has increased this year... a direct correlation?

I do endeavour to clean it (the hallway). Its not MY sole responsibility, and cleaning products aren't always cheap. I shall at some point before Monday assault the communal hallway, but it wont be maintained by next door, as he appears not to give a toss.

So saying,  I've treated my flat and If  I assault the hallway, and His flat isnt done (which it wont be) then I'm fighting a constant war against the incursion of these awful but tiny creatures - if , as I suspect, they originate from there.

I dont eat Elephants they are too big, if you get me, and so do I just think Ah well, And slot this pesky regular treatment of place into some sort of schedule?

These musings arent easy to write. At one point I'm livid, on the other point there's all the practical considerations of "doing the job" of dealing with the problem.

Being brutally honest here, Dogs get fleas. Maktub.<----(it is written)

And is all this rant just an exercise in futile machinations and imaginings?

In any case- The War Is On.

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