Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Where I Write to my MP about Parliament Bar Subsidies

email to my MP 11th August.

Hello , etc, etc

Today it is revealed the subsidy to parliament bars costs £6million.

In times of austerity, which to be frank I think is pure ideology, however thats another issue entirely, in times of austerity a subsidy of this nature and at such a cost seems diametrically opposed to the message being sent to the public of "all in it together" .

Will you agree this point at least? And at best put to the House that this figure is disgracefully distanced from sharing any burden the nation faces... and there must be better use of six million pounds? I'm sure you can find examples of better use of such a significant sum.

It should be stopped. 

Thank you etc etc .

He repled 12th August, salient extract...

"With regard to bars in the Houses of Parliament, I have never used them, This is not because I am a teetotaller, but because I have enough to do with work when I am in the House of Commons. I do not believe that this subsidy is necessary or, indeed, desirable"

I wish there were more Sir Geralds. 

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