Wednesday, 13 August 2014

So another Arrow to Opposition's Quiver?

So - seeing latest sanctions figures, I wrote again, to my MP...

Many thanks for your correspondence of the 12th August. 

I have just read with dismay that sanctions on sick and disabled people - removing money they are entitled to for erroneous and sometimes ludicrous reasons- has increased unacceptedly.

Sanctions for disabled and sick on ESA have risen by 346% (compared to the same quarter last year), new DWP figures have shown. 

Mr Iain Duncan Smith says this is returning fairness. 

In all fairness, it appears to be abhorrent. 

I do note that the coalition appear to have accepted albeit in intent, the Wednesbury Principle - I think this negates their holding any acceptance of this principle. 

Now is this a DWP questions item to raise? Or a Prime Ministers Question Time issue to be raised? Or both? 

It is in the nations interest that the current government is called on its appalling treatment of vulnerable citizens as often and as strongly as possible.

I hope you will ad this to the considerable quiver of arrows existing, and ask when are the archers of truth, such as yourself, going to release their bowstrings and let fly? 

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