Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Car Insurance in Blue Badge Parking

Myself and Adam Lotun were both researching this .

From our findings:

Greater Manchester Police said : Unauthorised Blue Badge Parking users were still insured, but breaking traffic regulations.

More interestingly Adam had response that indicated   If you use a blue badge bay unintitled your insurance wont pay for any third party damage to your car you have to seek it from the third party it seems..which was the direction of both of our enquiries... but....

"Answer: If the car was damaged by a Third Party when parked in a disabled parking bay, with or without displaying a blue badge, then the responsibility and liability still remains with the Third Party. The parking issue would be a matter for the local council."

So there is no difference in insurance with or without badge.

Thanks to Fish Insurance, GMP (via twitter) , and

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  1. I've read it slightly different.My take would be that the owners insurance will not cover any damage i and would have to rely on Third Party Insurance and also the relationship between the owner and their own insurance company.

    I have also been given to understand that Police will enforce ticketing of parking bays marked out in Yellow, where the local authority enforce the bays marked in white paint and yellow paint.

    Either way, there is no excuse for a disabled parking bay to be used illegally by anyone as these bays are made available to meet specific needs and requirements of disabled people who have been issued with a Disabled Blue Badge Parking Permit.