Friday, 1 August 2014

Horace is dead

So wednesday I got Horace ( a chair to help me get out) as With a no weight broken ankle/ broken foot injury , crutches over distance are impossible.

I was so pleased to get out, cos the injury was on 6th of the month. Id only been on hospital transport in that time (theres a whole story with that side of things too) - here he was whilst i took a picture...

But Horace popped a clip, and started a breakdown, I think he wasnt very well when he arrived with me. 

He was unusable and so taxi and all sorts of yuk getting back as i didnt have crutches with me. 

Today Horace was taken back by a courier , bless him. I think he signed donors card though.

Horace is dead. Another one will arrive tuesday or wednesday. ... Horace 2? 

Anyway , I was helped greatly on this by a very great genuine person, and I havent named them at all, because I dont think thats what they want. 

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