Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Saving the NHS

38 Degrees say:

From today, your MP will be looking through the government’s new plans for the NHS. There are only 25 MPs on the committee, so your MP is crucial. The government wants the committee to think the fuss has died down. They need to know we are still watching them!

Our efforts have already forced big changes to their plans, but there are still causes for concern in the small print. Can you take 2 minutes now to email your MP and convince them that voters are still worried by these plans and that we won’t stand for a whitewash? Enter your postcode after clicking the link.

So I Think even if theyre NOT on the Committee, they can still CONTACT the committee and express their constituents voiced concerns...

Follow the link to get started with your emails.

38 Degrees | Your MP is on the NHS committee

The houses of parliament

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