Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Supporting June 30th Strike Action.

On June 30th 2011 many Unions will be striking against the government spending cuts. 

Many more will be supporting them. Those not in a union, members of the public, students, the unemployed are all encouraged to do what they can to show solidarity and support. 

Many people are unable to attend a picket line or a demo for various reasons, therefore a mass email event has been proposed. 

Send emails of support and solidarity to all media outlets, including local media in your area.

Let's remind them who they work for! Let's show them that we aren't willing to lay down and take this, we are all going to fight their oppressive, unneccessary cuts!

If You want a suggested Letter you could start with something like this:

Dear (editor/name/whoever)

Regarding The June 30th Strike Actions

I am not able to attend the Strike Actions for (reason)
This does in no way mean I dont fully support the actions being taken. I and many others hope that this sends the correct and very direct, strong message to this current Government that they are NOT acting in the interests of most of the people in this country, but rather for a "protected middle England".
We cannot accept that excluding swages of citizens from considerations is correct.
Services cut, jobs lost, libraries closing, people being Hit Hard by cuts that are in no way acceptable to those being hurt by them.

May this serve to show the Government that people have had enough of the rough handed, ill thought out and damaging actions from the Government.

Name.address etc.

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