Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday Morning

It started with an alarm call I didnt need.

So - i Got up, salvaged a coffee and took my tablets. By salvaged I mean reheated unused coffee from yesterday. Not that i'm tight or anything but there was enough left in a pot that would make an adequate morning slug of the black stuff with restorative powers.

I do Have a new pack of Coffee, but being morning, I thought.... well that thought stays as simple as - Knife, Opening new coffee, pouring into container and a possible fail. Mornings need a wake-up time frame.

I took my tablets and some painkillers and checked the PC . So Anyhow discovers some emails i'd missed. Did what I could.

Yesterday went through my mind. From limited funds I lent a mate enough for his very short term need, a slight lack of funds for him till thursday- hopefully that will return to me tomorrow else I'm buggered really.

Also planned do a little shop for some essentials - including a new bag of dog food as last was poured into said dog's bowl . The Fella was patient for his walk, as he is MOSTLY, and things went according to a reasonable plan.

There was lots of Grass cutting noise about too. Although essential , the noise of it and number of times it happens is like being "worried" by bees - an annoying background sound in anyone's book.
But There Is lots of grass about that gets cut in common areas and stuff- its a "garden Estate".

And that essentially was the start of my morning.

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