Monday, 25 April 2011

Last Night....

Random stuff from Jules....

Well I intended to get to bed about three times last night.

But I ended up watching "an Audience with Kenneth Williams" AND cleaning the PC off.

Some of those programs you load and forget about sit there, and SOME ask for info of whats going on slowing down the machine. (not a technical explanation by a long shot but you get the drift)

I cleaned of reserve "spare" "alternative" browsers I had on. Part of those: I had Safari as at one point I wanted a sort of Mac Emulation thing as a "feel good, feel different" type thing. That had a subroutine called apple support, so that, even when not being used was checking web for stuff and nonsence from apple.So that was removed.

The other one I found slowed the machine down - even though it wasnt being used was Google Earth. Wow, when I removed that (rarely used it) the PC was like Daffy Duck on Turkish Coffee.

So my tip is (and I really shouldve known this for years) Dont load ANYTHING onto the machine unless Absolutely needed. And if you dont need it anymore - get rid.

I ended up going to bed at about 3.30am Which in the scheme of things theres nothing wrong with, but it is a disturbed sleep pattern in some respects.
That happens with me from time to time.
Whether its frenetic subconcious brain activity that i'm unaware of, or not, I dont know.
Some people can say, right it's10o'clock, I'm off to bed and DELIBERATELY choose to sleep.
It appears I cant do that, there seems to be a switch missing.

Now I am on the coffee, and the tablets are all taken.

My primary aim is EGGS. I need eggs from the shop.That is my next Mission.

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  1. You are a Jules after my own heart... Here I am at stupid-o-clock having planned to go to bed with a book but thought I'd just send a quick reply to an email. Which turned into a long reply, then I put it into googledocs 'cause it was worth filing there. Then I remembered summat relevant so I 'just' wrote a quick comment. And two cups of tea and a glass of water later I'd added five comments. Your prompt about clearing un-used stuff off the laptop has gone on a post-it note, though. I AM going to sleep!

    After I've read a bit ;)