Sunday, 17 April 2011

Virtual Gherkin 11th May- Supporting UKDPC


On Wednesday May 11th thousands of disabled people, their families and supporters from all over the country will come together to protest with one voice outside the Houses of Parliament and make their feelings known about the impact of spending cuts on disabled people 
This will also be ON LINE Protest too.
The day of protest, organised by UKDPC and major disability organisations, will send a strong and powerful message to the Government.
They’re marching to make sure that the Government hears disabled people’s voices. Cuts to vital benefits and services will have a massive impact on disabled people’s independence and could push people into poverty – the Government must act now to make sure that disabled people are not the Hardest Hit.

How do I take part on May 11th - IF i'm too ill, i'm too far away, I cant afford to go, I have responsibilities, I have care for someone etc?

They’re expecting thousands of disabled people to descend on London and join in on the day, THE VIRTUAL GHERKIN is co-ordinating a mass email campaign for those for what ever reason cant make the marches. 

So show your support for disabled people across the UK.

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  1. Do not allow ministers to wash their hands of responsibility for the impact of spending cuts.

  2. Do not let the media get away with the HUSHING up of resentment in this country.

  3. For Bigpawedbear and any one else: Contacts are here as follows:

    (You need to copy and past these links into your email client / browser)


    1 BBC

    2 Have your say

    3 ITV Tonight mailto:

    4 Channel 4 News

    5 Five

    6 Sky &

    7 Newsnight

    8 Politics Show

    9 Andrew Marr show
    8379560.stm (Leave comment)

    10 form for This week with Andrew Neal


    11 The Independent


    12 The Guardian

    13 The Morning Star

    14 The Evening Standard

    15 The New Statesman

    16 The Telegraph

    17 The Mirror

    18 The Times

    19 The Sun

    20 The Daily Mail

    21 The Observer

    If you want to contact your MP and why not? Here’s a useful link to find your MP’s
    email address:

  4. Several Reports of people ALREADY with appointments at the Houses of Parliament with their MP's - This email action can support all those people who attend this action.

  5. D R A F T L E T T E R for the event.
    Please amend to your own position, circumstances etc. (you dont HAVE to use this, it is a suggestion)


    I am writing to support today’s Hardest Hit march.

    The conservative-led government is intent on railroading through their ideologically- driven cuts to housing, disability, sickness and welfare reform. They claim that their need to ‘reform’ these benefits is driven by the need to reduce the deficit and national debt.

    The poorest and most vulnerable in our society are being asked to pay for the mistakes and greed of the financial institutions and the arrogance of politicians.
    Cuts in housing benefit will mean a third of England will become unaffordable for low-income households within a decade.
    Despite a fraud rate of just 1 per cent, 500,000 people who currently rely on sickness benefits will be forced into the already depleted labour market.
    Their intention to cut, already meagre, disability benefits and remove key services will result in life becoming much tougher for thousands of families with vulnerable relatives. Disabled people, their friends and families have a lot to fear.
    There is real fear and concern across the country about the depth and speed of these cuts. I, and many others, are opposing these cuts today because we care about the old, the sick, the disabled, the vulnerable and the needy. We believe that such deep and rapid cuts are not necessary.

    I personally suffer from *illness* and will never accept that a Private company can decide whether I'm sick or not without consulting my own Doctor / Hospital to get a confirmed long term picture of what actually affects me.

    With my Illness The fact I could potentionally and arbitrarily be classified as fit for work shows absolute disdain for the people this Government are supposed to represent at EVERY level, whether they are well or unwell. No one should be Second class, ignored citizens.

    Yours … da di da di da ….

  6. Could you wrap the e-mail addresses in "<" & ">", please? Then they would probably paste straight into an e-mailer.

  7. Rainbow Bob i dont do that in case readers Accidently click and end up in emailers by accident whilst trying to read. its swings and roundabouts.