Monday, 18 April 2011

How Monday Morning Started This Week.

I am Up - Kettles gone clunk. So excuse me whilst I fill the cafetierre. G'mornin BTW.
Tesco shuts Sunday Night here. So what fikkin time it open? Is it open yet? I need some co-dydramol as soon as poss. Grrr
Bills Today
TV Licence payments are a frikkin joke at around 14 pound a month ((justsaying))
And Water Rates CHARGING you for collecting the water from the roof when it rains? Ludicrous
Welcome to the fortnightly bill payments by arrangements day for jules.
Have Internet/Phone to pay, Service charges, Water , Telly, Electric, Food, Will leave me with less than 20 a week for all else. 
Might treat myselfto a visit to "The Charity shop" see if theres a 4 quid treat or something. At moment i also paying out for painkillers.
So what would happen if I needed , Say a couple of plates etc? Or A new hoover? No chance.
Its same all the time. Just get minimalistic stuff and hiberfuckingnate. Cant afford not to. People dont realise how shite it is.
That rant was brought to you by "Jules's active mind" and "Aricaba Coffee"

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