Friday, 19 December 2014

I wrote to MY MP re Fracking

as a constituent, i hope you dont mind me writing to you about public health.

Im particularly directing this communication as related to what is in common parlance called Fracking.
I ask you directly as a constituent that i will not be affected by fracking under this social estate/ and that noones health will be worsened by effects of fracking.
I will note US drive is to ban it. New York clearly exhibited their disdain by announcing a ban in their area,
Im sure its not area specific but moreso a condemnation of process itself and there are many existant examples stateside of the detriment it can cause to individuals and communities. Backed by scientific fact existant on search evident that unfortunately i cannot give you in this email . I would if i could.
I would ask you that this open license fracking remit this govt have given.. will it affect me as a constituent . and will it affect all your constituents with this renegade permission granting by this govt? And should the open licence that appears to exist be revoked and current contracts be taken back as null?

Many Thanks

 Update 22nd December:

He wrote back with this as part...

"I have long been opposed to fracking, and a little while ago took part in a parliamentary debate on this matter. I do not know to what extent it will affect you directly, but it will affect all of us in general. "

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