Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Helping people Costs nothing or does it?

Now i help people with "admin" type stuff when theyre stuck.
Thats about how I shall describe it.

Sometimes it costs NOTHING.
Others theres bus fares / post/ phonecalls / bits and bobs..

Usually i dont mind and build that in.

You can only build so much in though.

I rescued myself from the always help to the can i do this realistically - even if say its four quid or even a quid.

Because contrary to what some believe im not an affluent philanthropist.

The odd loaf of bread / potatoes.. or have you got an envelope, or envelopes used or phone calls on behalf of, and other stuffs I need not mention because you know.. etc they all add up. Its hard to make it not do so.

This impacts usually without me having any qualm whatsoever.

Then theres times where i scream internally as in Why did I do that, im now short, ah well.

I found Mobile data on 3g was eating me. (money actually) So found the BT Basic deal to get broadband...  then Just found  id used nearly 3gb of 10gb allowance in five days.

Something DOESNT have to give. Just that I have to look at it differently.

Whether I like it or not helping people costs money.

NOW this is where i start a thing....

The Big Society thing Cameron harped on about? Everybody for everbody etc etc... It was never defined. Why? Because it costs money. How does it operate without? The spin on it was spin alone and some swallowed it whole.

Am I making a point here? Am I?

Probably am.

I know people that HAVE and continue to say I'd love to help but cant afford it - theyre everywhere those people.
How much poorer do people in general have to be to see what is going on around them?

Why dont more people help. I'll tell you.
Theres a default setting of placation in loads of minds.
Theres ah "i dont have to because x is already doing that"
Reliance on the few do-ers. Expecting the do-ers to carry on do-ing without making a sound about it.

And theres the "but we all help people where we can"  case - acknowledged.

Is this a ramble? Yeah sort of.

...and yet theres people who offer to help me with probably same issues I have, and I say no - YOU cant afford it. 

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